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JP-H1066782-A: 3次元ゲーム装置及び情報記憶媒体 patent, JP-H1066889-A: Roller mill patent, JP-H1067667-A: Stabilization of platelet patent, JP-H1067954-A: 液体インクジェットインク patent, JP-H1068809-A: Optical filter and manufacturing thereof patent, JP-H1068810-A: Production of color filter patent, JP-H1068978-A: Camera patent, JP-H1069825-A: Clip jig patent, JP-H1070156-A: Ultrasonic gang bonding tool patent, JP-H1070264-A: Semiconductor device and fabrication thereof patent, JP-H1070783-A: Meter driving device patent, JP-H1071149-A: Ultrasonic search unit patent, JP-H107194-A: 給油装置 patent, JP-H107215-A: 移動制御方法、移動制御装置及びプログラマブルコントローラ patent, JP-H1072536-A: Vulcanizable rubber composition patent, JP-H1073480-A: 感震スイッチ patent, JP-H1073838-A: フレキシブル回路基板および液晶表示装置 patent, JP-H1074783-A: 集積回路チップ・パッケージおよびカプセル化プロセス patent, JP-H1074984-A: Thermoelectric material and its manufacture patent, JP-H1075389-A: On-vehicle video telephone system patent, JP-H107560-A: 色素脱失剤としてオクトピロックスを含有する組成物およびその使用 patent, JP-H107588-A: 粗免疫グロブリン含有画分の精製法およびその精製法を用いた静注用免疫グロブリン製剤の製造方法 patent, JP-H107602-A: ノルボルネン骨格を有するポリエン化合物及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H1076526-A: タイヤ組立で使用される破壊可能なコア patent, JP-H107673-A: ヘテロ環で置換されたベンゼン誘導体および除草剤 patent, JP-H1076776-A: 検針票用紙 patent, JP-H1076991-A: Buoyancy material and floatable personal belongings using it patent, JP-H1077275-A: Production of epoxyoxopholone patent, JP-H1077460-A: 異方性導電膜 patent, JP-H1077677-A: 下水管 patent, JP-H1077738-A: Support for concrete formwork patent, JP-H1077955-A: Cylinder block patent, JP-H1078258-A: Shutter apparatus patent, JP-H1078445-A: Method and apparatus for detecting angular velocity patent, JP-H1078880-A: マルチスレッド実行方法 patent, JP-H1079488-A: Manufacture of semiconductor memory element having tree-type capacitor patent, JP-H107995-A: 防水層保護用発泡粘着テープもしくはシート patent, JP-H1080046-A: 配線装置 patent, JP-H1080378-A: Hand dryer patent, JP-H1080589-A: ノック式カッター patent, JP-H1081309-A: 花卉の結束装置および結束方法 patent, JP-H108201-A: Steel sheet for deep drawing, and its production patent, JP-H1082026-A: Washing car with water recycling device patent, JP-H1082686-A: Measuring device for loaded freight weight patent, JP-H1084245-A: Surface acoustic wave element patent, JP-H1084414-A: Transmitter patent, JP-H1086409-A: 印字装置 patent, JP-H1086746-A: Headlamp control circuit for automobile patent, JP-H1086778-A: Vehicular airbag device and casing and installation method thereof patent, JP-H1087190-A: Landing controller for luggage elevator patent, JP-H1088156-A: Combustion tool and liquid fuel therefor patent, JP-H1088296-A: Iron-base magnetic alloy patent, JP-H1088366-A: 耐黒変性に優れたクロメート処理亜鉛系めっき鋼板の製造方法 patent, JP-H1088668-A: Sleeper bracket metal for construction patent, JP-H1088746-A: Folded plate and execution method of fitting type folded plate roof patent, JP-H1088891-A: 両開蝶番 patent, JP-H1089329-A: 配線用クランプ patent, JP-H1090571-A: 光ファイバ通信ケーブル patent, JP-H1091719-A: Method for managing character recognition state patent, JP-H1091874-A: 商品販売登録データ処理装置 patent, JP-H1092255-A: 操作スイッチの回り止め構造 patent, JP-H1093511-A: Optical communication system and its communication method patent, JP-H1093683-A: Facsimile equipment having automatic recording function patent, JP-H109400-A: バルブステムシール patent, JP-H1094142-A: Electric connection box patent, JP-H1094469-A: 花型をした食器 patent, JP-H1094813-A: 連続圧延機における張力制御方法および張力制御装置 patent, JP-H1094881-A: ロボット用スポット溶接アタッチメント patent, JP-H1095406-A: Connecting device for belt-shaped material patent, JP-H1096008-A: Method for making flying ash in incineration of waste material harmless patent, JP-H1096484-A: 配管ユニット patent, JP-H1097033-A: レンズ付きフィルムユニット patent, JP-H1098012-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H1098211-A: 発光素子 patent, JP-H1098374-A: 3入力エクスクルシーブオアゲート patent, JP-H109963-A: 測温抵抗体素子によるシリコンウェハー等の温度計測構造 patent, JP-H1099991-A: はんだペーストおよびはんだ用フラックス patent, JP-H11100255-A: Burned magnesia-chrome brick patent, JP-H11100376-A: Production of 2,3-dihydrobenzo(b)furan derivative and medicine patent, JP-H11100436-A: Thermoplastic polymer patent, JP-H1110063-A: 塗装前火炎処理方法 patent, JP-H11100642-A: Pc steel wire or steel rod good in delayed fracture-resistance and its production patent, JP-H11101035-A: Lock device system and recording medium patent, JP-H11101261-A: Rubber type shaft coupling patent, JP-H11101350-A: バタフライ弁 patent, JP-H11101613-A: Track inspecting device patent, JP-H11101649-A: Navigation system for vehicle and recording medium storing navigation program for vehicle patent, JP-H11101754-A: Inspection apparatus for pet bottle patent, JP-H11101797-A: 赤血球凝集を分類するために使用されるカセット中の異常反応を検出する方法 patent, JP-H11102309-A: Debugging device, processor, and recording medium patent, JP-H1110249-A: Working method for punch press and device therefor patent, JP-H11102521-A: 磁気記録媒体の製造方法 patent, JP-H11102837-A: 電子部品 patent, JP-H11103209-A: 電波受信装置 patent, JP-H11103258-A: Viterbi decoder patent, JP-H11104085-A: Ophthalmic device patent, JP-H11104698-A: 排水処理方法 patent, JP-H11104793-A: Long nozzle for continuous casting patent, JP-H11106847-A: 水素吸蔵合金の製造方法、その合金及びその合金を用いた電極 patent, JP-H11107847-A: Engine electronic control unit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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